BIOFILIE.NET is the scientific research lab and documentation archive for feminist’s practices and humid uterus that narrates the eclectic and transdisciplinary work of Giulia Tomasello and the constellation of collaborators that worked alongside her these years.
A virtual journey set in a near future taking the form of a multimedia and interactive platform, conceived in parallel with the physical exhibition BIOFILIE, thought to engage people in complex topics without drawing clear separations between scientific knowledge, humanism and social innovation.

BIOFILIE.NET originates from the biophilia hypothesis, which suggests the human innate tendency in feeling empathy towards any form of life in all its expressions, with special attention given to the plural and inclusive relations that exist between the human and the non human.
To deepen these pioneering forms of knowledge, Tomasello has developed the expertise of a burgomaster, capable of coordinating choral projects ranging from nanosciences to medicine, from design to hacking, supported by the expertise of young professionals working in universities and innovation centres across Europe with the clear aim of focusing their discourse around three crucial issues: feminism, care and bio-design.

From the platform’s layout it emerges a radically new approach to knowledge, one that puts on the same level the one generally considered high with the low, it deepens the relational and social aspects as well as the numerical ones. A paradigm shift in which education is not a transfer of information, but it plays an essential role for the advancement of knowledge itself, as well as starting from the subjectivity of our bodies becomes a fundamental premise for understanding and taking care of them.

BIOFILIE.NET is, ultimately, an opportunity to question how we are changing the way we interpret and question the world, no matter if about biological or social issues. And it suggests that it’s time to choose how we want technology to enter all aspects of our lives.

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Giulia Tomasello – Art Direction
Umanesimo Artificiale – Web Direction
Luca Scarlatta – Web Design
Julia Jover Cano – Research
Isabel Farina – Research
Aasawari Kulkarni – Design Nari Variable feminist typeface
Sineglossa – Partner